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Wandering Gypsy

Endre Farkas

he smooths his gypsy rainbow black hair
he tucks his old violin beneath his chin
he closes his moon full sad eyes
he knows this path by heart

in this garden cafe
among lovers' tables
under old willows
he wanders this path by heart

cool wafting breezes carry
his flock of sparrow notes
to entwining lovers' gazes
by a path he knows by heart

his bow on taut strings weep
lovers under a canopy of stars, free
couple fragrant pains; love refrains
theirs alone on a path he knows by heart

he strolls between their heartbeats
he leads them to his well of bitterness
he fills their thirst with sweet madness
he joins them on a path he knows by heart

he closes the women's most willing eyes
he evokes the men's most winning smiles
he bows his life to their half desires
and the price of this path he knows by heart

from Szerbusz,

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