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Who We Are

Ken Norris

Tom Konyves

Artie Gold

Stephen Morrissey

Claudia Lapp

John McAuley

Endre Farkas


     his group of Montreal poets who gathered in the mid-1970s around the alternative gallery Vehicule Art and the printing operation Vehicule Press, was initially interested in gaining access to the means of production. But a funny thing happened on the way to print.

The various poets—Artie Gold, Claudia Lapp, John McAuley, Ken Norris, Stephen Morrisey, Tom Konyves, and Endre Farkas—coalesced into a group, feeding off each other's experiences and innovations. Inspired by the experimental environment of the gallery, the Vehicule Poets worked at the cutting edge of mixed media, poetry, performance and videopoetry.


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