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The Vehicule Poets at Wikipedia

The Muses Company, an imprint of J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing, represents one of the major sources for books by and about The Vehicule Poets.

To order the new anthology, The Vehicule Poets_Now or any other Muses' Company book, visit the website: The Muses’ Co.

Vehicule Days: An Unorthodox History of Montreal's Vehicule Poets is an important record of literary and cultural history, which includes articles, essays, interviews, and a sampling from the works of the Vehicule Poets then and now. The book combines the best qualities of "document", "documentation", and "oral history".

To order this book, visit the Signature Editions website:
Signature Editions (click on Non-Fiction)

The Insecurity of Art: Essays on Poetics features essays by Tom Konyves, John McAuley, Stephen Morrissey and Ken Norris. Edited by Ken Norris and Peter Van Toorn.
To order this book, visit Vehicule Press

5 Jockey Poems by Artie Gold, 4 Poems by Endre Farkas, and 3 Poems by Stephen Morrissey  at The Jacket, an on-line poetry mag.

Check out Stephen Morrissey's blog here.

Haunted House, by Endre Farkas, is a poet’s tribute to a poet.
This biographical play dedicated to A.M. Klein, launched this week at the Segal Centre Studio by a young company called Tableau D’Hôte Theatre, offers a journey into the “labyrinth” of the dead poet’s mind.

Farkas seeks to right the wrong of the relative obscurity of a writer who wore so many hats that his reputation for lyrical eloquence slipped between the cracks of historical categories.
Read a review of Haunted House here

Many of the first books of The Vehicule Poets were published by
Vehicule Press.

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