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Claudia Lapp

Claudia was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1946. After graduating from Bennington College, she lived for eleven years in Montreal, publishing and performing with the Vehicule Poets, and teaching Literature at John Abbott College. She returned to the States in 1979.

In 1991, Claudia moved from Maryland to Eugene, Oregon, where she lives with her husband. She has given readings in Montreal, Vancouver, the Northeast, Santa Fe and in many local Oregon venues including the Newport Arts Center, Portland, Corvallis, TSUNAMI Books and COZMIC PIZZA, where she emceed a popular weekly poetry series In 2002. Claudia received the Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Award in 1996.

Claudia is a member of the hyper-active Oregon poetry community.  Recent readings were done in several cities to promote What the River Brings, an anthology of Oregon river poems edited by poet Kathyrn Ridall. She has written reviews for Talonbooks, Poetry Quebec, and the Oregon Poetry Association. For 8+ years, Claudia worked as an Exhibit Interpreter at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum, University of Oregon, and is now an EI Emeritus. She has been a practicing astrologer for many years, as well as an avid film photographer.  She is at work on her New & Selected collection.

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Work in Anthologies:

  • Animus Aeternus - Inner City Books, Toronto, 1991

  • dANDelion: on the work of Roy Kiyooka - University of Calgary, 2003

  • The Poetry of Peace - Capra Press, Santa Barbara, 2003

  • The Fires From Her Window - ​Six Chairs Press, Eugene, 2008

  • What The River Brings - Fae Press, 2012, Eugene, 2012



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