John McAuley

John McAuley teaches in the English department at Concordia University. He met
Endre Farkas when both were undergraduates in the late 1960s and Artie Gold later at a Booster & Blaster meeting. In the 1970s, he edited Maker magazine and, with Stephen Morrissey and Robert Galvin, ran the poetry reading series at Véhicule Art Inc. As a coordinator at the gallery, he oversaw dozens of national and international performances and exhibitions and, as a member of the Vehicule poets, was instrumental in seeing The Vehicule Poets anthology through to publication with Maker Press. He has published five books, and his work has appeared in a number of anthologies.

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  • Nothing Ever Happens in Pointe-Claire - Vehicule Press, 1977

  • Hazardous Renaissance - CrossCountry Press, 1978

  • Mattress Testing - CrossCountry Press, 1978

  • What Henry Hudson Found - Véhicule Press, 1979

  • All I Can Say for Sure - DC Books, 2013


My work has appeared in the following:


  • Poetry Readings: 10 Montreal Poets at the CEGEPS (Delta Canada, 1975)

  • CrossCountry Special Issue: Montreal (CrossCountry Press, 1975)

  • Montreal Poets’ Information Exchange Sampler (Montreal Poets’ Information Exchange, 1976)

  • Things To See (1977)

  • Montreal English Poetry of the Seventies (Véhicule Press, 1977)

  • Happy Days (Pari Editori & Dispari, 1978)

  • The Vehicule Poets (Maker Press, 1979)

  • A Critical (Ninth) Assembling (Precisely 6789) (Assembling Press, 1979)

  • Unmuzzled Ox: The Poets’ Encyclopedia (Unmuzzed Ox, 1979)

  • A Real Good Goosin––Talking Poetics: Louis Dudek and the Vehicule Poets (Maker Press, 1980)

  • Three Holes in the Ground (Maker Press, 1982)

  • Poetry in Performance (The Muses’ Company, 1982)

  • The Insecurity of Art: Essays on Poetics (Véhicule Press, 1982)

  • Cross/cut: Contemporary English Quebec Poetry (Véhicule Press, 1982)

  • Agenda 1984 (The Muses’ Company, 1984)

  • The Other Language (The Muses’ Company, 1989)

  • Vehicule Days: An Unorthodox History of the Vehicule Poets (NuAge Editions, 1993)

  • The Vehicule Poets_Now (The Muses’ Company, 2004)

  • Language Acts: Anglo-Québec Poetry 1976 to the 2lst Century (Véhicule Press, 2007)

  • After the Mountain: The A.M. Klein Reboot Project (Synapse Press, 2011)



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