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 Artie Gold

(someone is still pulling my string):

"More words, Mr Gold! _ _ "You were there!" O.K. O.K., "there" _ _ spirit of the place. Then (there) _ there was a certain spirit of place. . .

In the land of backbiters/the guile-less man, otherwise gregarious, becomes egregious_ _ egad, whatta load of rhetoric!

Vehicule Poets scenario #? ? ?!

Solway falls on Harris who falls on Van Toorn who turns to krishna (who dogs Solway?). Geddes. . .needs no man. Dudek, Layton, Gnarowski, Siebrasse /are locked in a scrum. Richmond takes tickets for the Montreal Star Literary page (7 1/5th of Canadian club=i dance).

Sweet Leonard Cohen has not the stomach for this Byzantine excrescence _ _ nor in any case the need).

These left, some straggling, some struggling, carry the ball down through to the Muse's 5 yard line. . And they are. . .well, before you know it, The Vehicule Poets; if not compatible with the label—at least comfortable with each other's company.

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