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Posted: Sunday December 26, 2010

Poetry Quebec: The Artie Gold Issue

Poetry Quebec has just posted their latest issue online, which includes reviews and thoughts about the work of Vehicule poet Artie Gold, including the following items regarding our recently released title The Collected Books of Artie Gold:

A poem for Artie Gold by Ken Norris
A recap of the Montreal launch by Endre Farkas
A recap of the Vancouver launch by Tom Konyves

Remembering Artie Gold by Stephen Morrissey
A review of the collection by Claudia Lapp
A review of the collection by Garry Thomas Morse
A review of “some of the cat poems” by Nikki Reimer
A review of the collection by Bruce Whiteman
Artie Gold interviewed by Marvin Orbach (1979)

Artie Gold Talon Books.jpg
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